A.I.S. Observers

A.I.S., Inc. (AIS) was founded in 1988 to provide fully trained protected species observers and certified inspectors for harbor and river dredging operations. With more than three decades of experience supporting government, the private sector and academia, AIS has evolved into a diversified provider of marine science services. Our accomplishments are based on our ability to mobilize and support a highly qualified and geographically dispersed workforce of professionals, our commitment to customer service, and our innovative management approaches.

AIS had the distinct pleasure of being selected as the protected species observer provider and environmental monitoring consultants during the installation of the first Wind Turbine Generator’s (WTG) in both state and federal waters in the US. The first state installation AIS supported was the planning and construction of the Block Island Wind Farm which is the first offshore wind farm in the US located in RI state waters. Additionally, AIS was selected to provide environmental monitoring services to support the instillation of the first 2 commercial scale test turbines installed as part of the Costal Virginia Offshore Wind (CVOW) project off the coast of Virginia in federal waters. AIS has supported renewable development along the entirety of the east coast for a variety of clients. These projects have ranged in size from small daytime only shore side geophysical exploration for cable landfall sites all the way up to multi-month offshore geotechnical and geophysical surveys requiring the use of both night vision and thermal imaging handheld and mounted systems.