Act Local

The Act Local Program supports the development of a diverse and equitable supply chain for offshore wind in greater New Bedford through outreach, information sharing, and assistance to local businesses.

The program was launched in partnership with Vineyard Wind as a pilot initiative to maximize the positive economic impacts of the Vineyard Wind 1 project in greater New Bedford by encouraging local business participation in the offshore wind industry. The goal is to create a model for streamlining business matchmaking between top tier offshore wind suppliers and local businesses who have services and products to support successful local content creation for all offshore wind projects in the Commonwealth.

Through the Act Local program, the NBOC is:

Identifying Opportunities

Building & maintaining close relationships with projects and companies; keeping abreast of certifications, requirements, and timing of offshore wind opportunities in the focus areas of choice.

Informing the Community

Bringing information on offshore wind industry opportunities to local businesses via direct outreach, regular communications, and events.

Supporting Local Businesses

Assisting local companies, through direct support, knowledge, and the facilitation of partnerships and events, to seize opportunities in the offshore wind industry.

Is your business interested in supplying products and services to the offshore wind industry, but you don’t know where to start? Contact the NBOC today to schedule an introductory conversation so we can understand your business and share information on the development and supply chain needs of the industry. We can also connect you with resources to prepare your business for working in offshore wind.

The NBOC is a technical assistance partner of NB100!, a new program offered by the New Bedford Economic Development Council to promote entrepreneurship, grow local wealth, and strengthen community bonds. Learn more about the program and if your business is eligible.