Micheal Quinn

Michael has worked in the commercial fishing industry in a variety of roles starting at a young age.

That work has included boat maintenance, Scallop boat deckhand, and most recently management roles in the Quinn Fisheries, East Coast Fabrication, Standard Marine Outfitters, C.P. Broduer, and Fuel Man businesses.

He has had the unique opportunity, starting early in his career, to work with a diverse group of industry professionals including fishing captains, shoreside engineers, marine scientists, financial institutions, fishery law experts and many other experts in the fishing industry field.

This diverse set of involvement, along with a B.S. in marketing, has provided a significant and favorable learning experience which make him an invaluable partner in the development of new business opportunities. Michael is extremely active in the community and is a member of several organizations including Fisheries Survival Fund, New Bedford Chamber of Commerce, board member on the New Bedford Ocean Cluster, and is a Corporator for Bank Five.