Connecting With Purpose: New Bedford Ocean Cluster Introduces A Logo Redesign Aligned With Its Mission

NEW BEDFORD, MA, November 8, 2023 The New Bedford Ocean Cluster (NBOC) announces the launch of our new logo, marking a significant moment in our ongoing organizational development. The newly unveiled logo reflects the organization’s goal to establish New Bedford, Massachusetts, and the surrounding region as the foremost ocean economy on the East Coast.

The motivation behind the logo redesign stems from a comprehensive marketing and communications planning process the NBOC has undertaken. While the NBOC just launched in late 2021, our journey began back in 2017 when we signed a partnership agreement with the Iceland Ocean Cluster, making us part of the global ocean cluster network. The Iceland Ocean Cluster and other cluster organizations worldwide are making their fisheries and ports more profitable and sustainable through the clustering concept. The NBOC’s Founders knew that New Bedford was fertile ground to do the same, and that vision drove the organization to where it is today.

In the words of the NBOC’s Executive Director Jennifer Downing, “Until now, we’ve shared a logo with the Iceland Ocean Cluster. Iceland has been a huge pioneer to the ocean cluster movement, so it has made a lot of sense to visually align with their brand. We continue to gain a lot of value from being a part of the network, and this will not change. However, the Port of New Bedford and our maritime economy is unique. We’ve also come a long way as an organization in just two years. It is time for the NBOC to have a distinct brand identity that captures our mission, values, and four pillars while also honoring the global ocean cluster network we proudly are part of.”

The New Bedford Ocean Cluster is a non-profit marine industry association that facilitates connections between maritime companies in greater New Bedford and strengthening their markets across the world. Our efforts are strategically focused on four interrelated marine industry pillars: Aquaculture, Commercial Fishing & Processing, Innovation & Technology, and Offshore Renewable Energy. According to Downing, “We have four industry pillars at the NBOC; while we want to see each prosper, we also seek to facilitate their intersection whenever possible. The convergence of industries will create a true ocean economy in the Port of New Bedford. It’s ambitious but incredibly exciting.”

The new logo now encapsulates these aspects, offering a holistic representation of the organization. This redesign symbolizes the New Bedford Ocean Cluster’s dedication to our mission, its uniqueness in the marine industry, and our commitment to growth and development.

“The ocean has always been a source of opportunity for the people who have come to New Bedford to build our city while building better lives for themselves,” said NBOC Board President John Bullard. “The Ocean Cluster is showing how related sectors of our ocean economy can thrive together through mutual respect and understanding.”

The New Bedford Ocean Cluster (NBOC) is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization created to leverage New Bedford’s strategic coastal position and extensive ocean economy and knowledge base to attract investment, support the formation and growth of maritime businesses, and foster initiatives that can create economic and community impact from the sustainable use of ocean resources. The NBOC works collaboratively with the private sector, public sector, and academic institutions to establish New Bedford and the region as a leading ocean economy through the advancement of Aquaculture, Commercial Fishing & Processing, Innovation & Technology, and Offshore Renewable Energy.

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