Ithaca Clean Energy

Ithaca Clean Energy combines domain expertise, cutting-edge
Mathematics, and machine learning to deliver innovative digital solutions.

Ithaca Clean Energy assists Offshore Wind Developers with their stakeholder engagement needs by providing seamless communication with local fisheries on the WATERFRONT application. The company’s cutting-edge technology provides Offshore Wind Developers with the data analytics necessary to optimize complex marine operations creating a mutually beneficial space for marine stakeholders to prosper together.

The WATERFRONT application offers real time streamlined marine updates straight to your fingertips including:

  • Offshore wind project information
  • Site-specific metocean data
  • Newsletters
  • Job postings
  • Gear-pinning logging (private)
  • Information offline accessibility
  • Weather Forecasts
  • AIS traffic
  • Marine Charts
  • Ecological observations
  • Marine hazards log
  • Confidential space to connect with other fishermen and marine stakeholders