NBOC Attends Seafood Expo North America

NBOC Business Development Manager, Carlos Avila, attended the Seafood Expo in Boston, March 10-12, the largest seafood trade show in North America. The expo showcased over 1,200 seafood companies representing importers, exporters, and processors from over 45 nations and provided the NBOC a great opportunity to network with local fisheries and processing partners from New Bedford.

The event clearly demonstrated the scale and many markets within the commercial fishing industry from catch to processing, buyers and  

sellers, and storage and logistical freight needed to transport fresh products globally. The event was full of energy with large international delegations passionately representing their nation’s seafood markets.

Amidst these vibrant displays, engaging crowds, and delicious samples, local seafood companies like Northern Wind, Marder, Raw Seafoods, Atlantic Cape Fisheries, Seatrade International, Eastern Fisheries, and Red’s Best, distinguished themselves as leaders in the industry, solidifying the Port of New Bedford’s long-standing position as the #1 commercial fishing port in the country.

If you’re in the seafood industry, the Expo should be on your calendar. It’s a must-see event and we look forward to attending again when it returns to Boston next year.